The Headlines: on Friday the 20th March 2013.Edit

-Lady Gaga still missing in Europe after an exhaustive search by authorities

-Despite police crackdown Curfew is still being widely flaunted in the face of the 9th Equinox Ripper Murder.

- The murders that began over three years ago on 1st December 2010 have since continued despite a heavy police crack-down and the arrival of FBI specialists in serial murders on-loan from the United States. Police have stated that they are making progress, but that they could not comment on an ongoing investigation. Police have once again stressed that people out tonight are likely to be targetted by the Equinox Ripper and should travel only if absolutely essential. Local Charities and Neighbourhood watch schemes are setting up escort systems and patrols have been doubled in the Soho area.

-Fresh Government cuts into the Police, Fire-brigade and NHS threaten to seriously harm front-line services a new report suggests.

-Gang Violence is up, particularly around the Tower Hamlets area.

-German Chancellor Angela Merkel looks set to lose the next Election in the face of growing inflation of the Euro. Her opponent promises to stabalise the Euro-zone crisis and has threatened to pull Germany out of the Euro unless the rate of inflation does not stabalise, despite fears that this would cause a general collapse of the currency. The French President is urging calm as speculation on a pull-out only serves to weaken the Euro further.

-President Obama, after a gruelling election which saw Democrats lose more states is barely holding onto power, only saved by the heavily right wing Seccessionist party, that drew votes away from the conservative Republican Party. His proposals to prevent a further economic collapse have been widely criticised as unrealistic.

-China faces fresh accusations in the Hague for wide-spread Human Rights Abuses after 3 Reuters Journalists went missing in Beijing. The Government officially denies any knowledge of their current whereabouts, despite a wide-spread series of reports on Twitter and Google Plus from their associates saying that military police siezed them early on Sunday morning.

-Google anounces a new tablet that promises to finally replace laptops and desktop PCs with all the accessories normally associated with a laptop and a built in Sat-band link on contract for less than £40 per month.

Television News: from Sunday 22nd MarchEdit

-All contact lost with North Korea. North Korea has been shunning diplomatic contact for several months now, amid rumours of civil unrest. However boarders have been unmanned and telephones have been disconnected as of last Friday. With no indication of the cause of the unrest.

-Richard Branson Celebrates the 1st year of Virgin Galactic Space Flights

-Equinox Murders continue unabated, The Third Police commissioner in as many years has taken over, promising a rapid resolution to the case.

-South Africa and Portugal play off in the New International Football League.

-The Iranian Civil war continues to escalate with rumours that the Royalist faction may have as many as 12 functioning nuclear weapons. With casualties on both sides and among civilians, nobody is willing to back down.

-Lady Gaga still Missing after 4 days when she vanished from her Parisian Hotel.

Library Search: Newspaper reports as of Wednesday 26th March 2013 Edit

  • The Euro-zone is in crisis over several member nations defaulting, most notably Greece which has returned to the Drachma
  • America is in trouble with a political deadlock between Obama and the splintered Republicans who split the vote
  • A rise in extremism and the failure of the stimulus package to attract the degree of recovery that was predicated has left the US economy in serious trouble.
    • Barack Obama managed to stay in office despite a disapointing re-election campaign,
    • The Secessionist Party led by Rick Perry split from the Republican Party in 2012, dividing the Republican Vote allowing the Democrats to maintain nominal power despite now being heavily outnumbered by Republicans.The secessionists are campaigning for a national referendum on secession and for those states that wish to, to be allowed to leave the USA.
    • Neo-Conservative Party under Mitt Romney have adopted a more bipartisan approach to Obama's government, but they remain firmly entrenched regarding the crucial issue of taxes.
  • Scotland has recieved greater powers of Devolution.
  • The Middle East and parts of Africa have a number of military flash points and disturbing trends.. (The Iranian Civil War, Warlords in the Central African Republic, Further civil unrest in Egypt and a general failure of Iraq and Afghanistan to Stabalise in the wake of democracy)
  • England has had an influx of Greek economic migrants, sparking a rise in the popularity of the BNP and UKIP. There was an unexpectedly Early Election called in late 2012 called for by MPs of most parties unhappy with the current state of the coalition government.
  • The conservatives are once again in sole power. The Liberal Democrats have lost a large chunk of their support and Labour has not been able to make up ground. Minor parties have gained seats in a number of places. Welsh and Scottish Nationalists, the BNP (who scored 4 seats), UKIP (with 2 seats) and The Green Party (Also 2 seats) were considered to be significant winners.
  • North Korea has still not been heard from
  • Lady Gaga still missing in Europe
  • Gay Rights have recieved some support in UK politics, with Civil Partnerships gaining a number of extra rights (mainly tax-related) normally associated with marriage. Although they have suffered in the US and Germany with the rise of more right wing parties.

The Equinox MurdersEdit

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