The Freehold of Seven DialsEdit

The Location:Edit

Seven Dials is a fashionable and gentrified, semi-pedestrianised area of niche market shops and cafes in the centre of London a the intersection of 7 narrow roads. Where the roads meet there is a central sundial clock with 6 faces. The place has a plesant atmosphere and is largely populated with tourists in search of place to eat.

30 Earlham Street, Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9LN

Seven Dials (Google Maps)


The door is a simple white door with a latch and a deadbolt just off to the side of Cafe Nero. Up a flight of narrow stairs takes you to a landing with a store cupboard on the left and a ladder upto the roof on your right with the main room straight ahead.

The main room is nothing much to look at. Plain wooden floors with over a dozen plastic chairs and some collapsable tables stacked up against the side wall.

At the far end of the room is an old wooden wardrobe against the rear wall and the door to the kitchenette.

The Wardrobe has heavy steel chains across it sealed with heavy padlocks and three large metal bars bracing the door closed. If things are quiet you can hear the whistle of a light wind and distant singing from the other side.

Notable Characters:Edit

Spring Court:Edit

  • Poppy Cornwell - Spring Queen and current Reigning Monarch. Now in her early 30s with a fading beauty and a pleasantly intoxicating aroma of a poppy field.
  • Ginger - Poppy's quiet attendant, who seems to be made of chocolate and smells delightful
  • Bobby Chill - A Frozen man who shivers constantly
  • Jamie Swift - A handsom Androgynous bird-man in his late teens with a mark on his cheek
  • Round Mary - An eternally pregnant woman forged from cheap plastic.

Sumer CourtEdit

  • Big Zach - Summer King a hulking brute about 6 foot 8 inches tall with horns growing from his brow.
  • Slim Jimmy - The King's right hand man - short and squat wearing an old shortened trench coat.
  • Molly Bitchen - A feral den-mother who often does a lot of the organisation for the Summer Court.
  • Polish - The mute young girl that Molly cares for. Who appears largely normal, but her mouth is fused shut and her skin bears thousands of tiny healed scars.

Autumn Court:Edit

  • Jeremy Tweed - The Bitter and unlikable Autumn Regent
  • Sarah Hollow - A reclusive drowned girl who speaks infrequently due to the water in her lungs.
  • Ng - Two people male and female melded together who argue with each other,
  • Paul Needles - A Dragon-like footsoldier of Autumn
  • John Potter - A craftsman who makes pottery up at Camden Market and watched the door there.

Winter Court:

  • The Winter Court allegedly died out some time ago. Without anybody who could induct new members into the court is has remained empty for the last few years.


  • None known so far.

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