So far the police have identified the following patterns:

  • Victims are all under 40 at the age of death and nobody is younger than 18.
  • Victims are taken in pairs, one male and one female.
  • One is ritualistically killed, the other is tortured and left in a place where they would eventually be rescued.
  • The survivors accounts are considered to be extremely unreliable due to the trauma they have sustained. Some of the victims are unable to communicate, others are incoherent or delusional. However the majority of reports suggest two monstrous figures. One significantly taller than the other. Both appear to have been wearing elaborate costumes to commit the crimes.
  • All survivors are being treated by specialists for both mental and physical trauma under strict secrecy.
  • All victims are British Citizens unless otherwise mentioned below.
  • According to reports from the government none of the survivors are coherent enough to give evidence or interviews and will require years of therapy before they can recover.
  • All victims have had their right hands removed at the wrist, although some have had their arms removed entirely.
  • Although it is only a general theme, there is the impression that all the victims had some great potential to improve the world in some way.

20th March 2011 - Location : Lambeth, Greater London SE11 - Empty classroom in Lambeth school.

  • Charlotte Carroll (DoB: 19th December 1989, Profession - Promising Arts student and dancer) - Killed
  • Peter Fowler (DoB: 7th November 1981, Profession - Progressive Trade Union leader) - Tounge ripped out and hands amputated.

21st June 2011- Location: Stratford, Greater London - Worksheds near the Olympic Villiage

  • Finlay Walton (DoB: 16th May 1984, Profession - Trainee Paramedic) - Killed
  • Danielle O'Donnell - American National (DoB: 16th January 1993, Profession - Olympic level Gymnast in training) All her major joints were crushed in a metal-work vice.

22nd September 2011- Location: Hammersmith, Greater London W6 - An empty residence

  • Alfie Porter (DOB: 2nd November 1980, Profession - Policy advisor for the Green Party) - Killed
  • Mollie Barber (DoB: 5th December 1983, Profession - Doctorate student doing immunology research) - Lobotomised with an ice pick

21st December 2011- Location: Hackney, Greater London EC2A - Back of a Taxi in an alleyway

  • Mia Lou - Chinese National (DoB: 13th August 1981, Profession - Electronics Engineer) - Killed
  • Riley Howe (DoB: 20th March 1988, Profession - Upcomming Author) - several organs crudely removed including the eyes and both kidneys.

20th March 2012- Location: Merton, Greater London SM4 - Empty Residence

  • Lewis O'Conner -Irish National (DoB: 9th December 1987, Profession: Trauma Councsellor) - Killed
  • Tilly Davis (DoB: 5th August 1990, Profession - Singer/Songwritter) - Face Mutilated, hands removed, forced to inhale bleach fumes badly damaging her lungs and vocal chords.

21st June 2012- Location: Camden, London NW1 - NHS walk-in Centre

  • Lilly Bartlett - French Immigrant (DoB: 24th July 1987, Profession: Teacher who helped turn around under-performing schools) - Killed
  • Josh Brookes (DoB: 2nd May 1986, Profession: Research Psychologist) - Subject was given a number of clinical and illegal drugs, although it was clear that some other trauma was also involved. Josh is now kept under almost constant sedation for his own safety.

22nd September 2012- Location: Kensington, Greater London SW7 - Clair Mao's studio, Clair was discovered barely alive in one of her own pieces on display in Kensington Gardens.

  • Kieran Dixon (DoB: 9th July 1989, Barrister responsible for closing several loopholes in corporate tax laws) -Killed
  • Clair Mao - Taiwanese immigrant (DoB: 28th August 1982, Profession: Sculptor and poet) - Embedded in concrete and left until she was discovered 2 days later, suffering from full-thickness chemical burns which have left her blind, numb, mute and deaf.

21st December 2012- Location: Richmond, Greater London TW4 - Sewage works

  • Melissa King (DoB: 28th October 1988, Profession: Political commentator, popular blogger and comedian) - Killed
  • Noah Pearson - American (DoB: 31st December 1983, Profession: Disaster management expert) - Trapped in a sewer grate and forced to remove his own feet with a hacksaw before crawling for help.

20th March 2013- Location: Beneath the British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B

  • Luca Knight (DoB: 9th March 1989, Profession: Hacker, entreprneur and TED lecturer) - Killed
  • Keira Kirby (DoB: 3rd March 1982, Profession: Labour Government reformist) - Small bites across her entire body as well as infection complications, due to being partially eaten alive by rats.

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