The state of computers:Edit

Facebook and Google Plus both have a new verified ID policy in order to get an account you need to reference your NI number in the UK.

Email accounts can be verified or not, but spam filters are increasingly being set to block people without verified accounts as spammers.

Events and status updates from the Santorini Family:Edit

Parents and Henrietta are discussing the broad NHS cutbacks which are rolling in over the coming year.Arthur is campaigning against the BNP who have developed a foothold in their neighbourhood and now hold 4 Parlimentary seats in the face of massive Greek economic migration.The family had a recent holiday to Italy which was remarkably cheap given the exchange rate, however the service had gone down hill dramatically as well.Arthur has a chess-boxing match tournament match coming up next week
Henrietta has just purchased a small boat, for sailing on the Thames.
Arthur is now in a relationship with Mary Palmerston

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