Player CharactersEdit

This page is primarily for you to put up whatever you want to about your characters, including any pictures, quotes or stories about them.

Apprentice (John's Character) (Known Aliases: none)

  • His wife Veronica
  • His 4-year old son Jeremy
  • The other woman Susan Harding

Azrael (Carrie's Character) (Known Aliases: none)

  • Azrael's real name, Sam Mason, is known due to the slight trouble he has had trying to regain his life from his Fetch.
  • He has revealed to the group that he saw Fabian as a Changeling while he was in Arcadia, and he has made his intentions very plain: To make sure Fay is never taken.
  • His boyfriend Fabian
  • His other friend Julian

Foxy (Charlotte's Character) (Known Aliases: Carla Saranchino)

  • Elizabeth Santorini - Her mother
  • Giovanni Santorini - Her father
  • Arthur Santorini - Her older brother
  • Henrietta Santorini - Her older sister
  • Peter Dobson - Friend from University
  • Sarah White - Friend from University
  • Paul Goodie - Head of the Urban Explorers society
  • Jessica's current supervisor: Doctor Hew Edwards

Metal (Keiths Character) (Nicknames: Magneto)

  • Matilda Pennyforth (His wife)
  • George Debenham - Fellow Bowler

Rake (Chris's Character)

  • Jane "Janie"- Daughter, presently in hospital
  • Sharon Twiss- Nurse at Gt. Ormond St. Hospital
  • George Smith- Brother-in-law
  • Marjorie Smith- Mother-in-law
  • Mary Jackson- Sister

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