Just a place to put some of the mundane places that your characters know about or may visit such as favorite pubs, places where you can stay and so on. Once again, only put things on here if they are common knowledge.

In general London has decayed since 2011. More shops are closed, there are more people sleeping rough and more signs of petty crime and disorder.


Rake's House -Edit

JT house

Rake's place

A detached house in a a fancy neighbourhood in West London.

Apprentice's House -Edit

A semi-detatched two storey residence on the corner of a block of terraced houses.

Johns changelings home


The X & Theta in All Saints (Apprentice's Regular)

The Bell and Whistle in Docklands near Mason's Wheels (Azrael's regular)

The Other Union: A student dominated Pub near Green Park (An occasional Hang-out of Fox's)

The Crown: A pub directly opposite to the Seven Dials Freehold. Full of tourists.


The Seven Dials Freehold, above Costa Coffee overlooking the Seven Dials clock

Seven dials floorplan

Big Zach's place in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Villiage Postcode (E20 1GS)

Other spots:Edit

Mason's Wheels in Docklands

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