Rumours and tales from the Changeling grapevine. Largely picked up from the Goblin marketeers.

  • There is a Dragon in New York, who wears a human body and silver cuff-links, that understands wealth only in terms of how much more of it he has that everybody else.
  • In the heart of the last war there was a spirit of libration, molatov cocktail in hand, she liberates the oppressed from their oppressors, people from their dreams, spirit from matter, life from the living and atoms from atoms. She will not be content until all things are divided and utterly alone.
  • In Somalia, a Jaguar headed God drives those who look upon him insane, and drives them to zealous bloodlust, turning brother against brother and father against son in an orgy of violence to sate his own appetites.
  • In Taiwan, a beast tries to create life, but incapable of originality, it copies and twists whatever it can find. Replacing people with its own vile progeny.

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