The Face of London

Welcome to the Wiki for my Changeling gameEdit

This Wiki represents information that you allow to be made common knowledge. If you have secrets or simply things that you have not told the other characters yet, do not mention them here. For this reason I've left your character names blank as well so that you can decide what to call yourselves

Stuff: Edit

IC things OC things
Player Characters (You) House Rules and helpful notes on how to play

The Freehold of Seven Dials (Your friends?)

Sanity and Clarity (How to lose your mind)
Antagonists (Your enemies)

Campaign Log (the story so far)

Campaign Log - Season 2

The Hedge (The Boarderlands) Experience (and how to spend it)
London (Mundane Locations) Quotes Page (Notable quotes here)
The Metro (The local news) Calendar dates

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