The True Fae - Called the Gentry, the Kindly Ones and other titles, because to speak insults to them brings bad fortune. These were the inhuman creatures that took you in Arcadia, tortured and re-shaped you to their pleasing. In their homelands they seemed nigh omnipotent. Why they want human slaves, where they have come from and why they delight in such torture is a mystery for most.

  • If players wish the details about their keepers to be widely known you can put such details here.

Goblins - Creatures of the Hedge that look human but possess no concept of empathy. They tend to be keen traders and merchants, offering you your hearts desire for a price.

  • Camden Lock Market - The Goblins have a market place of their own here, hidden behind a disused fire door that should lead straight into a bricked off tunnel. However if you spit your palm and swear to uphold the market truce until you leave, then it opens into a market place where a dozen or so goblins sell their alien wares.

Loyalists - Those Changelings who are willing slaves to the Gentry and come into the mortal world to do their work, Traitors and madmen every one.

  • The Summer Court would pay good money to find out where these traitors make their nest.

Others - Goblins can be traded with, Loyalists tricked and the True Fae hidden from, not all of the above are automatically your enemies. Likewise not all of your allies are automatically trustworthy. Some are mad, some are willing to sacrifice others to achieve their goals and others may self-destruct and take down everybody around them. This is the space for them.

  • This space is reserved for the realisation that just because somebody is like you, it does not mean that they won't stab you in the back.

The Equinox Murders: What is known so farEdit

  • The Murders occur some time in the hours of darkness on the night of every Equinox and Solstice.
  • Victims have no obvious connection to each other

  • A large proportion of the Victims do not live in London (although some do)
  • They were all abducted in pairs but otherwise alone
  • The first victim was found in Spring 2012 and the murders have happened every season since then until the present day (A total of 12 murders so far)
  • Whilst it's hard to quantify, most of the victims were either high achievers or worked in jobs that were beneficial to others. Usually at the start of their careers.
  • The attacks were carried out by two masked individuals (the style of mask changes each season)
  • One of the Victims is always killed, the other has a left hand removed and is tortured in some way. None of the surviving victims can give any clue to their attackers identities as their reports are inconsistent with each other. (although they do generally involve a male and a female attacker). Most survivors appear to be left deeply mentally disturbed as a result. The government has placed all known survivors into protective custody, despite the media clamouring for access.
  • The murder scenes each feature a hedge gate and traces of magic, generally feeling unnaturally cold.
  • There were no sign of Jack Boots (All of the Loyalists so far encountered wear Jack Boots in London, they appear to return the Loyalists to their masters if they die or are disobedient, by way of marching them there (regardless of obstacles or the ability of the Loyalist to survive the journey)
  • The wounds tend to have been caused by straight blades of some sort.
Cambion horn



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